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A treasure in the own palm ~ Saraha

He in whose heart the words of the master have entered, Sees the truth like a treasure in his own palm. Saraha

The sublime path ~ Saraha

Without compassion [merit], the view of emptiness Will not lead you through the sublime path. Saraha

Neither this nor that ~ Saraha

The root of the whole of samsara and nirvana is the nature of mind. To realise it, rest in unstructured ease without meditating on anything. When all that needs to be done is to rest in yourself, it is amazing that you are deluded by seeking elsewhere! Everything is of the primordial nature, without its […]

Unaltered like the pure sky ~ Saraha

Clouds draw water from the ocean to fall as rain on the earth And there is neither increase nor decrease; Just so, reality remains unaltered like the pure sky. Saraha

Searching elsewhere ~ Saraha

To leave aside your own nature and search elsewhere is extremely deluded. Saraha

Drink the cup of sky-nectar ~ Saraha

Fools attempt to avoid their suffering, The wise enact their pain. Drink the cup of sky-nectar While others hunger for outward appearances. Saraha

Turning poison into healing water ~ Saraha

Just as the ocean’s salty water taken into the clouds turns sweet, the stable mind works to benefit others, the poison of objects turns into healing water. Saraha

All-encompassing spontaneity ~ Saraha

Though the house-lamps have been lit, The blind live on in the dark. Though spontaneity is all-encompassing and close, To the deluded it remains always far away. Saraha

The root of everything ~ Saraha

The root of everything in existence and beyond is – oh yes it is – it is mind. When you realize this there is no meditation to do, just relax, take it easy, let it go. Resting in what you are – why look for something else – that would be a foolish thing to […]

Wherever you are ~ Saraha

Do not sit at home, do not go to the forest, But recognize mind wherever you are. Saraha

Clinging to emptiness ~ Saraha

To cling to a concrete reality is to be as foolish as cattle. But clinging to emptiness is even more foolish. Saraha