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The very foundation of courage ~ Ribur Rinpoche

If you put enough energy into practicing tonglen (taking and giving), that practice will become the very foundation of courage. Courageous compassion will increase so very much on the basis of such practice! Ribur Rinpoche

Just like me ~ Ribur Rinpoche

Just like me, others don’t want even the slightest suffering and they want to experience happiness, but that happiness is never enough. Therefore, myself and others are just the same. However, the way we think of ourselves and the way we think of others is actually quite different. We think of ourselves as extremely important, […]

It is entirely up to us ~ Ribur Rinpoche

Following the self-cherishing mind is the source of all our suffering. We need to identify that self-cherishing mind as a demon taking over our mind and make a strong determination with very strong mindfulness, thinking, “I’m going to get rid of it.” With this determination, make a request to the guru to bless us and […]