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There is continuity ~ Khunu Rinpoche

After death, our mind doesn’t come to a complete stop – like water drying up or a flame going out. There is continuity. Just as wherever the body goes, the shadow comes along with it – similarly, wherever our mind goes, our karma comes along too. You must have an unshakably firm belief in this. […]

The supreme method ~ Khunu Rinpoche

If one investigates to find the supreme method for accomplishing the aims of oneself and others, it comes down to bodhicitta alone. Being certain of this, develop it with joy. Khunu Rinpoche

Because of bodhicitta ~ Khunu Rinpoche

It is because of bodhicitta that one gives up the pleasure of meditative concentration, and in order to relieve others of their suffering goes down to the deepest hell as if into a pleasure park. Khunu Rinpoche

Extirpating the darkness of living beings ~ Khunu Rinpoche

The sun, the moon, a lamp, a lightning flash — they may illuminate, but they hardly clear away the inner murk. This bodhicitta is extolled by the holy as completely extirpating the darkness of living beings. Khunu Rinpoche

The supreme thing ~ Khunu Rinpoche

The supreme thing to know is bodhicitta. The supreme thing to learn is bodhicitta. The supreme thing to practice is bodhicitta. The supreme thing to meditate on is bodhicitta. Khunu Rinpoche

Remember bodhicitta ~ Khunu Rinpoche

If you are going, remember bodhicitta If you are sitting, remember bodhicitta If you are lying down, remember bodhicitta If you are standing, remember bodhicitta. Khunu Rinpoche

Transformative power of bodhicitta ~ Khunu Rinpoche

Bodhicitta transforms afflictive emotions, suffering and fear, and sickness and death into a path to enlightenment. Khunu Rinpoche

Death is certain ~ Khunu Rinpoche

Death is certain, but when it will arrive is not. One thing that’s for sure is that we are not going to live for one hundred years. One hundred years from now, pretty much everybody alive today will be dead. It is very important to remember impermanence. The Kadampa geshes used to remember impermanence all […]

Supreme among all virtuous thoughts ~ Khunu Rinpoche

Just like the lotus among flowers is bodhicitta supreme among all virtuous thoughts. Since having it brings immediate and final happiness, one should make every effort to produce it. Khunu Rinpoche

The weapon for protection ~ Khunu Rinpoche

This bodhicitta that serves as a sword to cut the shoots of the afflictions is the weapon for the protection of all wandering beings. Khunu Rinpoche

Best circumstances for bodhicitta meditation ~ Khunu Rinpoche

Meditate upon bodhicitta when afflicted by disease. Meditate upon bodhicitta when sad. Meditate upon bodhicitta when suffering occurs. Meditate upon bodhicitta when you get scared. Khunu Rinpoche

Unconditioned joy ~ Khunu Rinpoche

With bodhicitta one enjoys happiness. With bodhicitta one enjoys even sorrow. With bodhicitta one enjoys what is there. With bodhicitta one enjoys even what is not there. Khunu Rinpoche