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Seeking diversions ~ Garchen Rinpoche

Many of us seek diversions — going to the city, traveling, seeing films and so forth. If one recognizes the nature of one’s own mind, then that itself is the real entertainment, the real display. Simply to rest in Mahamudra, in the nature of mind, one will come to an understanding of all situations in […]

Just that awareness that engages in all these activities ~ Garchen Rinpoche

We must understand that Buddha nature and its wisdom are inherent in our minds. It is extensively explained by many great scholars and masters, but it is very simple. It is just that awareness that engages in all these activities, worldly or dharmic. It is the one who thinks “I must do this, do that, […]

The most important sign of realizing mahamudra ~ Garchen Rinpoche

So there may come a time when you may ask, “What is the sign of accomplishing this mahamudra practice, perhaps clairvoyance, perhaps levitation?” The great Khenpo [Munsel] Rinpoche from whom I received teachings said things like clairvoyance, levitation, and so forth are not the qualities of mahamudra. The most important sign of realizing mahamudra is […]

The meaning of wrathful deities ~ Garchen Rinpoche

The transformation that occurs when the afflictive emotions are subdued with the sharp discriminating awareness is the arising of the wrathful deities. The actual nature of the afflictive emotions is primordial wisdom, thus the five poisons are the five wisdoms. Through the power of awareness the afflictive emotions collapse, and this collapsing reveals their true […]

Mindful awareness and mental afflictions ~ Garchen Rinpoche

Milarepa has taught that, in actuality, mindful awareness and mental afflictions – one’s own awareness and mental afflictions – are not separate, because mental afflictions and concepts are in the nature of emptiness. If one realizes this through meditation, then one realizes that actually wisdom and mental afflictions are non-distinct. We talk about the five […]