Within this mind ~ Garchen Rinpoche

We suffer without choice. We do not want to suffer and we try everything to be happy but suffering happens regardless of our wishes, and we can’t do anything about it. Why is this so? It is because we have already created the causes for suffering in the past. But where are those causes of suffering? They are within your mind right now, it is the self-centered mind and all the negative emotions that come from it. If you recognize this, you will understand that you are responsible for your suffering and that there is no one else to blame. Understanding this you will be able to tolerate difficulties and avoid more suffering in the future. If you want to be happy you must know the causes for happiness.

The Buddha said, “I can show you the path to liberation, but liberation depends on yourself.” Whether you are a Buddhist or not, whether you practice any religion or not, you have a mind, and temporarily all causes for happiness and suffering are within this mind.

The only cause of happiness is love and the only cause of suffering is self-grasping. If you just understand this, you have understood the workings of karma, cause and effect, perfectly. ‘All suffering without exception comes from wishing for one’s own happiness. The perfect Buddhas arise from the altruistic mind.’

Whether you follow any religion or not, the true nature of your mind is wisdom awareness, and that is the actual Buddha. The Buddha said: “The Buddha is within all beings. Beings are only obscured my temporary stains.” Whenever you let go of the false belief in a self, you will see your true nature, emptiness-compassion. Every being sees the Buddha when they see what they really are, their true nature.

Garchen Rinpoche

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