We are free as we are ~ Longchenpa

Freedom attends reality:
Free at the core, any effort is wasted;
Timelessly free, no release is needed;
Free in itself, no corrective is possible;
Directly free, released in seeing;
Completely free, pure in nature;
Constantly free, familiarization is redundant;
And naturally free, freedom cannot be contrived.

Yet ‘freedom’ is just a verbal convention,
And who is ‘realized’ and who is not?
How could anyone be ‘liberated’?
How could anyone be lost in samsara?
Reality is free of all delimitation!

Freedom is timeless, so constantly present;
Freedom is natural, so unconditional;
Freedom is direct, so pure vision obtains;
Freedom is unbounded, so no identity possible;
Freedom is unitary, so multiplicity is consumed.

Conduct changes nothing – our lives are already free!
Meditation achieves nothing – our minds are already free!
The view realizes nothing – all dogma is freedom!
Fruition demands nothing – we are free as we are!


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