The principle Buddhism is based on ~ 17th Karmapa

All people without exception are endowed with basic, wholesome potential. Buddhism can be instrumental in playing a role to help cultivate this potential. While in the world we have some general differences in terms of different ethnicities, religions and cultures, what is fundamentally most important is common among all people. For instance, all people, and for that matter all beings without exception, genuinely and truly long for happiness and wellbeing. All people without exception don’t want to suffer. They want to be free from suffering. That is natural to all. Therefore we must respect and appreciate the fundamental equality of all people, who are equal in wishing for happiness and equal in wishing for freedom from suffering. Buddhism comes from that point of view, of what is fundamentally common among people. That is the principle Buddhism is based on, and its message is how to be able to cultivate our potential for happiness and wellbeing, and how to become free from suffering.

17th Karmapa

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