The nature of Dharma ~ 17th Karmapa

If we look at the vow of refuge, particularly from the point of view of its fruition, what is called fruition refuge, the holy Dharma, the genuine Dharma is present within every virtuous thought we have. Every virtuous thought brings us closer to our future Buddhahood, and every time we give up something or transcend something that must be given up or transcended, we come closer to the achievement of the Dharmakaya because the Dharmakaya is the perfection of having given up or renounced or transcended everything that must be transcended.

So it’s important to understand this and also the fact that what actually protects you is the Dharma itself. So practice Dharma. And remember that the essence or nature of Dharma is harmlessness, nonviolence. We may not be capable of complete harmlessness, but it has to start from the inside by pacifying that mind of kleshas that generate violence within us.

17th Karmapa

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