Lord Maitripa ~ Marpa

The realized Lord Maitripa is famed far and wide as nirmanakaya who lives in India.
In a city in the valley of Vaisali, the king, the protector of the earth, touches his crown.
To the anthers of the lord’s lotus feet among the mahapanditas of the five sciences,
Maitripa is known as the master, the crest jewel.
The banner of his fame is proclaimed in the ten directions.
In the month of miracles of the Bird year, through mastering offerings to the Sugata,
his name became universally renowned as the master.
This lord buddha gave the transmission of the perfection of the yanas, the essential truth, the dharma of mahamudra:

“Outer grasping, the appearance of sense objects, continuously flows as great bliss.
Realize it as unborn dharmakaya.
Inner fixation, the mind-consciousness is thought-occurrence, which cannot be grasped as real.
Therefore, see it as naked insight without support.
Generally, all dharmas of apparent existence are primordially nonexistent and unborn.
Realize them as the essence of simplicity.
Do not desire to abandon samsara and there is no nivana to attain.
Samsara and nirvana are the self-liberated innate state.
Realize this unity as great bliss.
Even if you emptied out the minds of the Buddhas of the three times,
there is nothing more ultimate than this,” Maitripa sang.
I have cut all such doubts with this.
This is the approach of the great Lord Maitripa.
If you approach the view, do it this way.
I present this offering song to the three jewels.
May it gladden the hearts of those sitting here.


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