Choosing a guru ~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Actually, the image the guru projects is not that important. You cannot make finite decisions based on a guru’s seeming austerity or lack thereof. A filthy rich guru could also give you what you really need—enlightenment. Someone who lives in luxury, someone who is fussy about what cut of meat is being served, might well be the best person to do the job. What he values, his view, how he approaches that view, how he doesn’t get caught up by distractions that are the opposite of this view — this is what you need to emulate; this is your role model. These are the qualities you are supposed to be attracted to.

Are you particularly attracted to a guru because he is rich? Glorious? Beautiful? Friendly? Easygoing? These are not ideal reasons for choosing a guru, but at the same time they are not to be dismissed outright, because many times these external things can trigger your spiritual journey.


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