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Hey! ~ Tilopa

Hey! This is self-knowing primordial wisdom. It is beyond articulation and it is not an experienced object of the mind. It is nothing that can be demonstrated by me, Tilopa. Know it by letting your own self-awareness indicate itself. Tilopa

Yogi’s mind ~ Tilopa

At first a yogi feels his mind Is tumbling like a waterfall; In mid-course, like the Ganges It flows on slow and gentle; In the end, it is a great Vast ocean, where the Lights Of Son and Mother merge in one. Tilopa

No hope no fear ~ Tilopa

If you are beyond all grasping at an object and at a subject, that is the monarch of all views. If there is no distraction, it is the monarch of all meditations. If there is no effort, it is the monarch among all conducts. When there is no hope and no fear, that is the […]

Examine yourself ~ Tilopa

Lo! This is self-awareness! It surpasses all avenues of speech and thought. I, Tilopa, have nothing to reveal. You should know it yourself through inward examination. Tilopa

The truth which is natural to awareness ~ Tilopa

Obsessive use of meditative disciplines or perennial study of scripture and philosophy will never bring forth this wonderful realization, this truth which is natural to awareness, because the mind that desperately desires to reach another realm or level of experience inadvertently ignores the basic light that constitutes all experience. Tilopa

Samsara ~ Tilopa

Samsara is to see fault in others. Tilopa

No roots, no home ~ Tilopa

The clouds that wander through the sky have no roots, no home, Nor do the distinctive thoughts floating through the mind. Once the self-mind is seen, Discrimination stops. Tilopa