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In actuality ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

You must…be very careful not to mistake the idea of emptiness for the actual experience. The idea of emptiness has to do with intellectual understanding, proving assumptions and drawing conclusions, whereas experience is to see it for what it is, within you, not as a theory but in actuality. You should make sure that you […]

Experiencing the nature of your mind ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

When you experience the nature of your own mind, it is in itself, in its own nature, something that is extraordinarily peaceful, extraordinarily pleasant and blissful. Thrangu Rinpoche

Awareness is naturally liberated ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

The nature of our mind is awareness, and awareness is naturally liberated. We do not need to do anything to it. We do not need to think of it as something to take up that we need more of, nor do we need to think of it as something bad to be blocked or suppressed. […]

The great treasure ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

The root of all happiness is the mind; the root of all suffering is the mind. The root of all afflictions and the root of all faith, devotion, love and compassion come down to the mind. If we know the nature of our mind, we can make use of the great treasure and eventually gain […]

The cause of suffering ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

Not recognizing the emptiness of phenomena is the cause of suffering. If we have a strong belief in external phenomena, this leads us to regard external phenomena as either good or bad. If we feel that the external phenomena are good, then we develop strong attachment to these external phenomena. If we regard external phenomena […]

Goodness is something we all have ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

The realization of the nature of the mind is not something we can find by searching for it from afar. It is present within the essence of the mind itself. If we do not alter or change that in any way, that is enough. It is not as if we were lacking something before, so […]

Nature of Meditation and Post-meditation ~ Thrangu Rinpoche

First of all, what do we mean by meditation and post-meditation? When faults such as heaviness and wildness of mind have been cleared away and the mind rests within meditation, this resting within recognition of mind as it is—that is what is meant by meditation. When one has “risen from that,” which does not mean […]