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The very essence of all Dharma ~ Shabkar

If someone has compassion, he is a Buddha; Without compassion, he is a Lord of Death. With compassion, the root of Dharma is planted, Without compassion, the root of Dharma is rotten. One with compassion is kind even when angry, One without compassion will kill even as he smiles. For one with compassion, even his […]

A Song of Joy ~ Shabkar

All appearances are vast openness, Blissful and utterly free. With a free, happy mind I sing this song of joy. When one looks toward one’s own mind – The root of all phenomena – There is nothing but vivid emptiness, Nothing concrete there to be taken as real. It is present and transparent, utter openness, […]

The guru’s presence ~ Shabkar

As I see the rising sun spreading radiance all around, The authentic guru’s wisdom and compassion Come to mind. Then he tenderly looked after me; Now that time is gone. Thinking and thinking of him, The guru’s presence fills my mind. Shabkar

You who have a precious human life ~ Shabkar

A sailor should cross the ocean if he has a boat; a general should defeat the enemy if he has an army; a poor man should milk the ‟cow of plenty” if it is within his reach; a traveler who wants to go to distant lands should pursue his journey if he has an excellent […]

Teachers on the path ~ Shabkar

In the beginning I took the teacher as the teacher, In the middle I took the scriptures as the teacher, In the end I took my own mind as the teacher. Shabkar

May I gain awakening swiftly ~ Shabkar

When I consider these sufferings which we all endure, I think to myself, ‘If only I could gain enlightenment! Let it not be tomorrow, but let it come to me today!’ Swiftly, ever so swiftly, may I gain awakening, And, having done so, dispel all beings’ pain, Leading them all to perfect bliss, I pray! […]

Love for all beings ~ Shabkar

Just as you think of your mother in this life, therefore, Contemplate the suffering and hardship Of all those poor beings who were your mothers before, And shed tears for them all, again and again. Just as you feel love for your mother of this life, Generate love for all beings, your mothers from the […]