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The most essential thing to do to attain buddhahood ~ Sakya Trizin

It is said that Avalokiteshvara was once asked by a disciple, “What practice is the most essential to accomplish buddhahood?” Avalokiteshvara answered that the most important thing, the most essential thing to do to attain buddhahood, is to practice compassion. This is because when you practice compassion, all other qualities, such as loving kindness and […]

Benefiting other sentient beings ~ Sakya Trizin

From beginningless time up until this moment, we have cared solely for ourselves and worked solely for our own benefit. Every exertion we performed was for our own benefit alone. But by acting in this way, all we have actually accomplished is more and more suffering. So this time, instead of caring for ourselves, we […]

Enlightenment mind ~ Sakya Trizin

From loving kindness and compassion, enlightenment mind arises. Enlightenment mind, again, is defined as the resolution to attain ultimate enlightenment so that one may be of greatest benefit of all sentient beings, just like Shakyamuni Buddha himself. The Buddha also first generated enlightenment mind, then accumulated wisdom and merit, and eventually attained enlightenment, through which […]

Our life is mind ~ Sakya Trizin

How do we come to understand that our life is mind? There are many examples of how to realise this. One important example is that of the dream. In our dreams, we have many experiences and, while we’re dreaming, it feels as real as this life. We can see colours, shapes, everything, and it can […]

Different teachings for different minds ~ Sakya Trizin

Although we are all human beings, each one has a different mind, different defilements and so forth. In order to suit every level of our minds the Buddha bestowed an enormous amount of teachings. Sakya Trizin

Not knowing reality ~ Sakya Trizin

If we really wish to be free from suffering and experience happiness, it is important to work on the causes. Without working on the causes, we cannot expect to yield any results. Each and every thing must have its own complete cause; things do not appear from nowhere, from the wrong cause, or from an […]