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I must go there today ~ Ryokan

I must go there today – Tomorrow the plum blossoms Will scatter. Ryokan

Deep in the mountain ~ Ryokan

Time and again You, too, Must long for Your old nest Deep in the mountain. Ryokan

Everything is in the Heart ~ Ryokan

Even if you consume as many books As the sands of the Ganges It is not as good as really catching One verse of Zen. If you want the secret of Buddhism, Here it is: Everything is in the Heart! Ryokan

A few dead leaves ~ Ryokan

To kindle a fire, the autumn winds have piled a few dead leaves. Ryokan

Look deeper ~ Ryokan

You stop to point at the moon in the sky, but the finger’s blind unless the moon is shining. One moon, one careless finger pointing – are these two things or one? The question is a pointer guiding a novice from ignorance thick as fog. Look deeper. The mystery calls and calls: No moon, no […]

Unspoken meaning ~ Ryokan

I sat facing you for hours but you didn’t speak; Then I finally understood the unspoken meaning. Removed from their covers, books lay scattered about; Outside the bamboo screen, rain beats against the plum tree. Ryokan

Thinking ~ Ryokan

Now that all thoughts have subsided off I go, deep into the woods, and pick me a handful of shepherd’s purse. Just like the stream meandering through mossy crevices I, too, hushed become utterly clear. Ryokan