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Unspoken meaning ~ Ryokan

I sat facing you for hours but you didn’t speak; Then I finally understood the unspoken meaning. Removed from their covers, books lay scattered about; Outside the bamboo screen, rain beats against the plum tree. Ryokan

Thinking ~ Ryokan

Now that all thoughts have subsided off I go, deep into the woods, and pick me a handful of shepherd’s purse. Just like the stream meandering through mossy crevices I, too, hushed become utterly clear. Ryokan

I now surrender ~ Ryokan

The plants and flowers I raised about my hut I now surrender To the will Of the wind. Ryokan

Flowers go on falling ~ Ryokan

The winds have died, but flowers go on falling; birds call, but silence penetrates each song. The Mystery! Unknowable, unlearnable. The virtue of Kannon. Ryokan

This is an old truth ~ Ryokan

If there is beauty, there must be ugliness; If there is right, there must be wrong. Wisdom and ignorance are complementary, And illusion and enlightenment cannot be separated. This is an old truth, don’t think it was discovered recently. “I want this, I want that” Is nothing but foolishness. I’ll tell you a secret – […]

Reflected in a single pear ~ Ryokan

How could we discuss This and that Without knowing The whole world is Reflected in a single pearl? Ryokan

See and realize ~ Ryokan

See and realize that this world is not permanent. Neither late nor early flowers will remain. Ryokan