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Mind Essence ~ Padmasambhava

Where the past has ceased and the future has not yet arisen, In the unimpeded state of present wakefulness, Rest in the manner of mind looking into mind. No matter what thoughts may arise at this time, They are all the display of the single mind essence. As the nature of space is unchanging, You […]

Your natural face ~ Padmasambhava

Look into the awakened mind of your own awareness! It has neither form nor color, neither center nor edge. At first, it has no origin but is empty. Next, it has no dwelling place but is empty. At the end, it has no destination but is empty. This emptiness is not made of anything and […]

Over and over again ~ Padmasambhava

All beings have lived and died and been reborn countless times. Over and over again they have experienced the indescribable Clear Light. But because they are obscured by the darkness of ignorance, they wander endlessly in a limitless samsara. Padmasambhava

Observance of karma ~ Padmasambhava

My realization is higher than the sky, But my observance of karma is finer than grains of flour. Padmasambhava

Very grievous fault of not understanding your own mind ~ Padmasambhava

Even though that which is usually called “mind” is widely esteemed and much discussed, still it is not understood or it is wrongly understood or it is understood in a one-sided manner only. Since it is not understood correctly, just as it is in itself, there comes into existence inconceivable numbers of philosophical ideas and […]

Generosity ~ Padmasambhava

To be generous doesn’t merely mean to give with bias and partiality; it means to be profoundly free from attachment to anything whatsoever. Padmasambhava

This life passes quickly ~ Padmasambhava

This life passes as quickly as autumn clouds; Family and friends are like passers-by in a market; The demon of death approaches like twilight’s shadows; What the future holds is like a translucent fish in cloudy waters; Life’s experiences are like last night’s dreams; The pleasures of the senses, like an imaginary party. Meaningless activities […]