Quote Archives: Padampa Sangye

Contemplating the defects of samsara ~ Padampa Sangye

Think from time to time of all the defects of samsara; People of Tingri, that will make your faith become much clearer. Padampa Sangye

Happiness and suffering ~ Padampa Sangye

Happiness and suffering, through a mechanism like the sounding of a lute’s body and strings, People of Tingri, are produced when actions are combined with necessary conditions. Padampa Sangye

Have you prepared yourselves a boat ~ Padampa Sangye

Birth, sickness, ageing and death flow on, a river without ford or bridge; People of Tingri, have you prepared yourselves a boat? Padampa Sangye

You will have to go ~ Padampa Sangye

Just as worn-out clothes can never again be made as new, It’s no use seeing a doctor once you’re terminally ill; You’ll have to go. We humans living on this earth Are like streams and rivers flowing toward the ocean – All living beings are heading for that single destination. Now, like a small bird […]

Actions arising from anger ~ Padampa Sangye

You don’t understand that a moment’s action arising from anger is worse than a hundred actions arising from desire. Padampa Sangye

The union of clarity and emptiness ~ Padampa Sangye

Clarity and emptiness united are like the moon reflecting in water; People of Tingri, there is nothing to be attached to and nothing to impede. Padampa Sangye

Free of being caught by anything at all ~ Padampa Sangye

In a state of emptiness, whirl the spear of pure awareness; People of Tingri, the view is free of being caught by anything at all. Padampa Sangye