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Meditation on the illusion-like nature ~ Niguma

This variety of desirous and hateful thoughts that strands us in the ocean of cyclic existence once realized to be without intrinsic nature, makes everything a golden land, child. If you meditate on the illusion-like nature of illusion-like phenomena, actual illusion-like buddhahood will occur through the power of devotion. Niguma

Mindfulness ~ Niguma

Carelessness and impaired mindfulness cause downfalls. Therefore mindfulness is explained first. To practice mindfulness and awareness of the illusion of inseparable appearance-emptiness of this heartless body as the Victor’s Body is the direct application of mindfulness to the body. The reference-points of pleasure, pain, equanimity, and the sensations of all designated phenomena understood as mere […]

Transcending Birth and Death ~ Niguma

Mind transcends birth and death. In the equanimity of the absolute, there is nothing to renounce or attain Niguma