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Mahamudra Vision ~ Nagarjuna

Homage to Manjusrikumarabhuta! 1. I bow down to the all-powerful Buddha Whose mind is free of attachment, Who in his compassion and wisdom Has taught the inexpressible. 2. In truth there is no birth – Then surely no cessation or liberation; The Buddha is like the sky And all beings have that nature. 3. Neither […]

One instant of love ~ Nagarjuna

Even three times a day to offer Three hundred cooking pots of food Does not match a portion of the merit In one instant of love. Though [through love] you are not liberated You will attain the eight good qualities of love — Gods and humans will be friendly, Even [non-humans] will protect you, You […]

Two truths ~ Nagarjuna

The Buddha’s teaching of the Dharma is based on two truths: a truth of worldly convention and an ultimate truth. Those who do not understand the distinction drawn between these two truths do not understand the Buddha’s profound truth. Without a foundation in the conventional truth the significance of the ultimate cannot be taught. Without […]

Deep and difficult to understand ~ Nagarjuna

By a misperception of emptiness A person of little intelligence is destroyed. Like a snake incorrectly seized Or like a spell incorrectly cast. For that reason — that the Dharma is Deep and difficult to understand and to learn — The Buddha’s mind despaired of Being able to teach it. Nagarjuna

The fire-brand circle of samsara ~ Nagarjuna

If we grasp at the (five) aggregates, we are grasping at self. If we grasp at self, from that (arises) karma, and from (karma arises) birth. Through these three, without a beginning, middle, or end, Revolves the fire-brand circle of samsara By depending on each other as the cause. Nagarjuna

Verses on the Heart of Dependent Origination ~ Nagarjuna

Homage to Mañjuśrī, the Youthful! These different links, twelve in number, Which Buddha taught as dependent origination, Can be summarized in three categories: Mental afflictions, karma and suffering. The first, eighth and ninth are afflictions, The second and tenth are karma, The remaining seven are suffering. Thus the twelve links are grouped in three. From […]

Examination of Time ~ Nagarjuna

If the present and the future Depend on the past, Then the present and the future Would have existed in the past. If the present and future Did not exist there, How could the present and the Future be dependent on it? Without depending on the past, Neither of the two could be established. Therefore […]