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As wisdom dawns ~ Mipham Rinpoche

As the wisdom of recognizing your own true nature dawns, it clears away the blinding darkness of confusion, and, just as you can see clearly the inside of your home once the sun has risen, you gain confident certainty in the true nature of your mind. Mipham Rinpoche

How liberation is to be gained ~ Mipham Rinpoche

If one trains for a long time in the union of the two truths, the stage of acceptance (on the path of joining), which is attuned to primordial wisdom, will arise. By thus acquiring a certain conviction in that which surpasses intellectual knowledge, and by training in it, one will eventually actualize it. This is […]

Dependent Origination ~ Mipham Rinpoche

What is meant by dependent origination? It means that nothing included within inner or outer phenomena has arisen without a cause. Neither have they originated from what are not their causes; that is, noncauses such as a permanent creator [in the form of] the self, time, or the Almighty. The fact that phenomena arise based […]

Strenuous impulsion toward equanimity ~ Mipham Rinpoche

In those who have realized emptiness, strenuous impulsion toward equanimity in the face of the eight worldly obsessions and effortless compassion for others arise simultaneously in the mindstream. Mipham Rinpoche

Advice for Beginners ~ Mipham Rinpoche

Kyeho! All activities within samsara are pointless and hollow — Unreliable and fleeting, like lightning’s streaking dance, And there is no certainty as to when death will strike. Still, since death is certain, limit idle plans and speculations Allow the teacher’s instructions to hit home and strike a chord, And, single-pointedly, in solitude, seek perfect […]

The first reliance ~ Mipham Rinpoche

Therefore do not rely on individuals, But rely upon the Dharma. Freedom comes from the genuine path that is taught, Not the one who teaches it. When the teachings are well presented, It does not matter what the speaker is like. Even the bliss-gone buddhas themselves Appear as butchers and such like to train disciples. […]

Free ~ Mipham Rinpoche

If we are not trapped in the mire of mental constructs, The manifestation of awareness is directly seen, Free from constructs. Without tying knots in the air with the rope of speculation, May we be skilled in spontaneously resting in the genuine nature. Mipham Rinpoche