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Unborn Mahamudra ~ Marpa

This deluded samsara, the illusion of outer appearance, I have realized to be unborn Mahamudra. This mental consciousness, the inner grasping one, Just like meeting a dear old friend, Mind knows to be its own true nature. Marpa

Compassion and emptiness inseparable ~ Marpa

Nonconceptual compassion And the primordial nature of emptiness Are inseparable in the nature of simplicity. You should understand all dharmas like this. Marpa

The greatest find ~ Marpa

Although all practitioners have a lineage, If one has the dakini lineage, one has everything. Although all practitioners have a grandfather, If one has Tilo, one has everything. Although practitioners have a lama, If one has Naro, one has everything. Although practitioners have teachings, If one has the hearing lineage, one has everything. All attain […]

Lord Maitripa ~ Marpa

The realized Lord Maitripa is famed far and wide as nirmanakaya who lives in India. In a city in the valley of Vaisali, the king, the protector of the earth, touches his crown. To the anthers of the lord’s lotus feet among the mahapanditas of the five sciences, Maitripa is known as the master, the […]