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Living an Appearance-Emptiness Life ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

You know the supreme path that is free from coming and going, And you teach the true nature of all phenomena, While never leaving a single being out of your compassion’s embrace, Great mother, noble Tara, I bow at your feet. Since all phenomena, outer and inner, are dependently existent mere appearances, They have no […]

The Essential Points of Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and the Middle Way ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

Hey, hey, lucky students, diligent, faithful and smart, Take a look at mind’s nature – simplicity unborn When reference points and signs dissolve in certainty Don’t strive, strain, or stop, just relax naturally Look nakedly at the inexpressible – Mind’s basic nature, bliss and emptiness Relaxed, at ease, fixation-free, All that binds is free in […]

Simply a vague concept ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

The self is simply a vague and convenient concept that we project now here and now there onto a stream of experiences, and is nothing in or of itself. Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

Practicing mahamudra in brief sessions ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

For the beginning mahamudra practitioner, it is important to meditate in brief sessions. One way to do this is through singing Milarepa songs. One way to proceed is to sing a song and then rest briefly in the meditation. This is profound upaya for mahamudra practice, because what is pointed out in the songs is […]

Our constant pre-occupation ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

We all act as if we had lasting, separate, independent selves that it is our constant pre-occupation to protect and foster. It is an unthinking habit that most of us would normally be most unlikely to question or explain. However, all our suffering is associated with this pre-occupation. All loss and gain, pleasure and pain […]

Dream like bondage ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

“Self-liberation” is like being bound in iron chains in a dream. If you do not know you are dreaming, your bondage appears to be real, you think it is real, and your experience seems to confirm that it is real. But if you know you are dreaming, you know that the iron chains do not […]

Open, spacious, and relaxed ~ Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

If we can see that things are not truly real – that they are mere appearances whose true nature is beyond all concepts of what it might be – then our experience of both good and bad events in life will be open, spacious, and relaxed. Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche