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When you find a spiritual master ~ Gampopa

When you find a spiritual master, then attend him properly without allowing your own arrogance and ego to interfere. Support his activities through sincere service and provision of necessities, but particularly through application of the teachings into practice-experiencing as well as understanding the teachings. If you are overpowered by arrogance and selfish purposes, then you […]

Signs of success ~ Gampopa

The best signs of success are a decreasing of self-centeredness and the easing of mental afflictions. Gampopa

Short human life ~ Gampopa

Just like an arrow shot by a skillful archer as soon as the string is released it does not stay but quickly reaches its target, so also is the life of humans. Gampopa

Close-minded for the dharma ~ Gampopa

A spiritual practitioner is in error when he has received abundant oral instructions and his mind still remains that of an ordinary person. Gampopa

The birth of great wisdom ~ Gampopa

Great wisdom will not take birth in you If you have earned little merit. Gampopa

Why are all sentient beings endowed with buddha nature? ~ Gampopa

Well then, one may wonder, because of what reason are sentient beings possessors of the essence of the buddhas? Since the dharmakaya pervades sentient beings through emptiness; since there is no distinction within the suchness of phenomena themselves; since all sentient beings have the buddha nature; therefore, since there are three reasons, sentient beings are […]

Unborn thoughts ~ Gampopa

Thoughts are mind-itself. If you wish to abandon them, they will increase. Since they are unborn, they should not be rejected. Gampopa