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What is sitting ~ Dogen Zenji

At the very moment of sitting, what is sitting? Is it an acrobat’s graceful somersault or the rapid darting of a fish? Is it thinking or not thinking? Is it doing or not doing? Is it sitting within sitting? Is it sitting within body-mind? Is it sitting letting go of sitting within sitting, or letting […]

There is no gap ~ Dogen Zenji

All-inclusive study is just single-minded sitting, dropping away body and mind. At the moment of going there, you go there; at the moment of coming here, you come here. There is no gap. Dogen Zenji

No heaven, no earth ~ Dogen Zenji

The whole universe Shatters into a hundred pieces. In the great death There is no heaven, no earth. Once body and mind have turned over, There is only this to say: Past mind cannot be grasped, Present mind cannot be grasped, Future mind cannot be grasped. Dogen Zenji

Everyday actions and dharma ~ Dogen Zenji

Those who see worldly life as an obstacle to dharma see no dharma in everyday actions. They have not yet discovered that there are no everyday actions outside of dharma. Dogen Zenji

Like a dew-drop on the morning grass ~ Dogen Zenji

Your body is like a dew-drop on the morning grass, your life is as brief as a flash of lightning. Momentary and vain, it is lost in a moment. Dogen Zenji

Just practice good ~ Dogen Zenji

Just practice good, do good for others, without thinking of making yourself known so that you may gain reward. Really bring benefit to others, gaining nothing for yourself. This is the primary requisite for breaking free of attachments to the Self. Dogen Zenji