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We abide nowhere ~ Chatral Rinpoche

We abide nowhere, we possess nothing. Chatral Rinpoche

Not enjoying meat or alcohol ~ Chatral Rinpoche

It is written in many Theravadayana and Mahayana texts that one should not eat meat. There is also a Vajrayana text that says the same thing, that one should not enjoy meat or alcohol. Because of this I am following the instructions of Shakyamuni Buddha. Being a religious person, I don’t take meat or alcohol […]

Relying on the instructions of your own qualified teacher ~ Chatral Rinpoche

It’s far better to eliminate your doubts and misconceptions, By relying on the instructions of your own qualified teacher, Than to receive many different teachings and never take them any further. Chatral Rinpoche

Our responsibility ~ Chatral Rinpoche

During this degenerate age in the outer world, there are many natural disasters due to the upsetting of the four elements. Also, demonic forces come with their many weapons to incite the fighting of wars. All of those forces have caused the world to come to ruin and led all to tremble—so terrified that their […]

Gaining the riches of a Dharma practitioner ~ Chatral Rinpoche

Limit yourself to just a few activities and undertake them all with diligence. Not allowing your mind to become fidgety and restless, Make yourself comfortable on the seat in your retreat cabin, This is the surest way to gain the riches of a Dharma practitioner. You might remain sealed in strict retreat for months or […]

Your own true enemies ~ Chatral Rinpoche

No matter where you stay – be it a busy place or a solitary retreat – the only thing that you need to conquer are mind’s five poisons and your own true enemies, the eight worldly concerns, nothing else. Chatral Rinpoche

A disciplined mind ~ Chatral Rinpoche

Whichever method is best suited to your own capacity. There’s no better sign of accomplishment than a disciplined mind, This is true victory for the real warrior who carries no weapons. Chatral Rinpoche