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How to decide ~ 17th Karmapa

How do you decide whether or not to do something? Ask yourself how much benefit the activity is likely to bring. 17th Karmapa

My trust is a gift ~ 17th Karmapa

In my life, I have had some mixed experiences when it comes to placing my trust in others. On various occasions, the kind of treatment or behavior that I expected from others was not forthcoming, and this has led me to think a good deal about what trust means to me. What I have come […]

Serving the common interest ~ 17th Karmapa

Try to serve the common interest. Whatever happens, think about what is best for the group rather than acting for yourself alone. The benefit of many is more important than that of each individual. If you cannot tell the difference, there is no way you can serve the public. What’s more, your own interests will […]

Open-minded ~ 17th Karmapa

My own way of thinking is that when we are meeting with angry or stubborn people, we should bring even greater understanding to bear. The more closed-minded or hardheaded someone seems, the more reason there is for us to be open-minded and gentle when interacting with them. We can recognize how difficult and painful it […]

Inner freedom is key ~ 17th Karmapa

Freedom does not start from the outside. Although external conditions have a part to play, that is not where freedom originates. This might sound backward, but authentic freedom arises initially from inner conditions. Its deepest roots are within us. Most often when we speak of freedom, what we actually have in mind are freedom’s outer […]

Authentic love toward others ~ 17th Karmapa

When you feel authentic love toward others, you will be deeply moved to act. You will not rest until you have found ways to secure the happiness of all those you are able to include in your feelings of love. As you learn to love more and more widely, your love will motivate you to […]

Lighten up ~ 17th Karmapa

Who knows what you will see, hear, or experience in these chaotic and turbulent times? Try to protect yourself from becoming too overwhelmed by pain and suffering. Lighten up! Don’t take things so seriously. With a broad and accommodating mind, you can keep a sense of perspective. 17th Karmapa