Breaking the box even while making use of it ~ Tenzin Palmo

Everybody is in a box. You think you’re a man, you think you’re American, Australian whatever. You think I used to be like this I come from this family my father is like that my mother is like this I am so and so I’ve done this I’ve done that, In my opinion green is a horrible color but I’m kind of interested in puce. I mean we all have you know… and this is who I am, this means me. That’s the box. We can’t think out of it, we cannot see. We can use the box but we are not the box. Do you understand? And so the whole of the buddha dharma is to break the box even while you make use of the box. The Buddha said I too use conceptual language but I am not fooled by it. Whereas the rest of us are fooled. That’s our problem.

Tenzin Palmo

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