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This app is not actively developed anymore yet should still work.

Just Dharma Quotes goes android

Hooray – Just Dharma Quotes just got an accompanying app for android devices.

The main idea behind this new android app is to give you a collection of hopefully inspiring dharma quotes in the palm of your hands. Among other features this app allows you to find quotes through full text search, lists quotes sorted by authors, includes a basic favorite quotes functionality and makes it easy to share the gems you discover with your friends on facebook and alike. Once installed this app won’t need internet access except for downloading new quotes if available.

Just Dharma Quotes on Google Play:


One of the problems you face as newbie android developer is the vast variety of android devices available and the uncertainty you are experiencing about how your app will run on this different systems. For that you would make me a big favour by giving me feedback about how the app runs on your particular device. Please don’t hesitate to give negative feedback of any sort as it is this kind of feedback which helps most to improve the app and my knowledge around android development.

Thanks buddies