A Song of Realization: The Fivefold Mahamudra ~ Jigten Sumgön

I bow to the glorious Phagmo Drupa

If the stallion of love and compassion,
Does not win the race of altruism
He will not earn the praise of the crowds of gods and humans.
So, please focus your mind on this preliminary practice.

If your body, the king of the enlightened form,
Does not hold the throne of the unchanging basis,
Mother dakinis, the citizens, will not appear.
So, earnestly focus on seeing your body as the yidam deity

If, on the snow mountain, the lama of the four kayas,
The sun of devotion does not shine,
Streams of blessing will not flow,
So, earnestly focus on cultivating this devotion.

If, in the vast sky of the nature of mind,
The clouds of concepts do not disperse,
The stars of the two wisdoms will not brightly shine,
So, earnestly focus on cultivating this non-conceptuality.

If the wish-fulfilling jewel of the two accumulations
Is not polished with the aspiring mind,
The results you need and want will not arise.
So, earnestly focus your mind on this dedication.

Jigten Sumgön

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