Fundamentally Unperturbed ~ Mingyur Rinpoche

If we allow ourselves to relax and take a mental step back, we can begin to recognize that all these different thoughts are simply coming and going within the context of an unlimited mind, which, like space, remains fundamentally unperturbed by whatever occurs within it.

Mingyur Rinpoche

Using the Present Well ~ 14th Dalai Lama

Time passes unhindered. When we make mistakes, we cannot turn the clock back and try again. All we can do is use the present well.

14th Dalai Lama

Our Natural Inheritance ~ Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

Without ego as our primary reference point, mind is naturally open, unconfused, and able to enjoy everything without judgment. In essence, mind is unobstructed and free from ignorance, with the potential to experience everything in a fresh way. Revealing this potential is the purpose of the practice of self-reflection – and this is our natural inheritance.

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

Stepping-stones for Awakening Our Compassion ~ Pema Chödron

There’s no way to make a dreadful situation pretty. But we can use the pain of it to recognize our sameness with other people. Shantideva said that since all sentient beings suffer from strong, conflicting emotions, and all sentient beings get what they don’t want and can’t hold on to what they do want, and all sentient beings have physical distress, why am I making such a big deal about just me? Since we’re all in this together, why am I making such a big deal about myself? The attitude of the ferryman is that whatever usually drags us down and causes us to withdraw into ourselves is the stepping-stone for awakening our compassion and for contacting the vast, unbiased mind of the warrior.

Pema Chödron

Analyzing the Meaning of Reality ~ Lama Tsongkhapa

By pacifying distractions to wrong objects
And correctly analyzing the meaning of reality,
Please bless me to generate quickly within my mind-stream
The unified path of calm abiding and special insight.

Lama Tsongkhapa

The Rain is Everywhere ~ Shunryu Suzuki

When my master and I were walking in the rain, he would say, “Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere.”

Shunryu Suzuki

Forsaking All Self-centeredness ~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

There is a saying: ‘Wholesome deeds performed with selfish aims are just like poisoned food.’ Poisoned food might look delicious and even taste good, but it quickly leads to certain death.

Thinking of an enemy as someone to be hated, thinking of a friend as someone to be loved, being jealous of others’ happiness and good fortune: all this is rooted in ego clinging. And wholesome actions, infiltrated by a clinging to the ‘I’ conceived as something real and solid, turn to poison. We should try to forsake all self-centeredness.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche